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[, Music, ], hello, friends, welcome to your 10 minute power flow. So today's. Practice is going to be a very quick and effective power. Yoga flow, where we're, going to really get the body moving, get your blood flow flowing through the body, get the heart rate up and also allow you to find some grounding and peace at the same time.

So if you guys are ready grab your mat, let's, begin [, Music, ], all right. So to begin. Today we're, actually going to start at the top of your mat. We're, going to start standing, so i'd, like you to bring your feet together, open up the shoulders drop them away from the ears.

Let the palms of your hands open to the front of your mat, taking a deep breath in into the belly into your ribs into the chest and then exhale. Just let everything release finding a nice center and balance on the mat on your next breath.

Reaching both arms up towards the sky lengthening through the body exhale dive yourself all the way back down towards the floor inhale you're, going to lengthen through the spine halfway so nice and straight exhale, hands down bend your knees, step back into plank Position from your plank holding here for five seconds, starting to really get your body warmed up.

Strengthening the body awakening the muscles inhale on your exhalation slowly begin to lower yourself like a push-up position, chaturanga, but keep it low low. If you need to drop the knees, you can and then release the toes and let's.

Stretch into a big opening upward facing dog exhale push back releasing into your downward facing dog. So, just a nice little quick warm-up here for us to get the body stretched, awakened and ready to really push to a new level beautiful from here.

Look to the top of the mat, lift your heels bend your knees go ahead and take two steps or a big hop, inhale halfway, lengthen exhale fold bend your knees and roll up for three two one: releasing your shoulders and your hands from here.

Just taking a deep breath in bending the knees exhale coming into your ut, your chair posture, lifting those arms up to the sky, exhale dive it all the way down, inhale halfway, lengthen exhale hands down, step back plank position.

Chaturanga dandasana inhale upward facing dog exhale push back releasing into your downward facing dogs. What we're doing here is your surya nam scar b on your inhale. Take your left leg, step to the front of your mat, release the right heel, opening into your veer, vidrasana one warrior one exhale release the hands release the back, toes, extend your front leg, all the way back, so you can keep it hovered.

Take it down. Inhale upward facing dog exhale push back downward facing dog other side right foot steps forward, left heel, grounded inhale arms up reach up exhale, hands down release the back heel, extend and see.

If you can extend it, keep it. Hovered chaturanga inhale up dog exhale downward facing dog [ Music ] inhale exhale, let go deeper, inhale, lift your heels bend your knees, hop to the front of your mat, inhale halfway, lengthen exhale fold bend your knees inhale, lift up that chair posture, going a little bit Deeper, if you can really engaging through those quads exhale hands to your heart, all right guys, we're gonna.

Do that again. Now we're, adding a push-up in between again just getting the body really engaged here. Inhale arms up reach up as you bend into your utkatasana exhale dive. It down inhale halfway, exhale step or, if it's within your practice, hop right into your plank chaturanga press yourself back up come on down again release the toes upward facing dog exhale push back downward facing dog this time right, leg, steps forward; first, Ground the back heel open up warrior one beautiful from here release the hands release the back heel, step back into plank or single legged plank.

Give me a push up, bring it back up. Chaturanga upward, facing dog exhale downward facing dog. Other leg left leg forward right heel is grounded arms up reach up big breath opening through that warrior one exhale hands down release the back heel, extending single legged plank push up, chaturanga upward facing dog exhale downward facing dog.

Well done guys just give yourself two breaths here, give yourself the permission to go a little bit deeper. Let it go, lift your heels bend your knees, look to the top of the mat big step or hop to the front inhale halfway.

Lengthen exhale fold inhale bend. Your knees, utkatasana chair, coming in a little bit deeper this time come down, come down, come down, exhale hands to your heart. Awesome job from this position inhale coming back in we're gonna add a little more variation now hold that chair go a little deeper, lift those arms exhale hands down halfway, lengthen exhale hands to the floor, step back or hop back into plank.

Chaturanga press it back up come on down into your chaturanga release the toes upward facing dog - and this is where it's, going to get a little fun and tricky here for you. What you're going to do is release the toes back under.

So your toes are tucked feet together. Elbows are straight: you're gonna bend, your elbows, so working the triceps, bring yourself into that chaturanga place and extend the elbows back up for one. So we're, just moving the upper body down and up for two down three down four and five great job release.

The toes push back downward facing dog stay with me guys take a deep breath in let it go inhale from here. Left foot steps forward release the back heel, opening into your warrior. One opening the body awesome slowly from here shift your weight forward coming into your warrior three arms next to the side of your body, hold that warrior three and see.

If you can give me a little squat with that bottom leg, so you're, just gonna bend the knee, so you can extend it for four and three: it's quite challenging. So you can keep your hands on the floor. If you need to one more great job, hold that warrior three bend that bottom knee step back warrior one again reach both arms up to the sky.

Exhale dive it back down, release the toe step back, extend your leg. Give me a push-up, bring it back up. Chaturanga upward facing dog exhale downward facing dog: when do the other side breathe it out stay present all right right.

Foot steps forward left heel is grounded warrior one lift both arms up, get nice and deep. With that front, knee shift your weight forward warrior three. So first find your balance make sure the hips are square.

You can also use a prop here. If you have a block or even a chair, you can hold on to something in front. That also can help. You find your balance a little easier and if you want to give it a more challenge, let's.

Go ahead, bend that bottom knee extend for four like a single legged squat three and two: it's, not easy, and one hold that warrior. Three. I'm with you guys, breathe deeply bend that bottom knee step back warrior.

One arms up reach up open up, exhale dive it down, extend and release the back leg. So it's. Hovered push up, bring it up. Chaturanga upward facing dog exhale downward facing dog breathing deeply two breaths you got this inhale, lift your heels bend! Your knees, look to the front of your mat.

Hop to the front of your mat, inhale halfway, lengthen exhale fold inhale bend your knees, utkatasana that chair pose. Now i want you to do. Is just heel toe your feet just slightly out, so your feet are going to be hip width.

Apart from here, we're, going to transfer from one warrior three in between with an open, legged chair. So what i mean here shift your weight to the right foot: warrior three: come back down: nice, big squat, other side, warrior three on the left and chair with open knees and feet for two warrior: three and low warrior.

Three and lo you got this three more and squat down get as low as you can really starting to feel the engagement in your entire lower body. We're, strengthening we're toning, defining this area. Finding that breath and still staying present with the chronic movement, the energy flowing through the body one more time, come on down into this low squat, open legged chair hold three two one heel toe your feet back, so the feet and knees are together.

Exhale dive it down. You're, doing great halfway, lengthen exhale step back plank position, chaturanga release the toes open up, let's. Do one more set of those tricep upward dog push-ups release the toes under so your heels are up lower.

The body down press up for one two, three work: those triceps four, five, six give me two more: you can modify and bring the knees down. If you need to seven and eight hold that upward dog release the toes open up and push back downward facing dog, breathe it out, let it go good job.

You guys awesome, take another inhale, [, Music, ] and exhale go ahead and bend your knees. Come on down into your child's, pose let's, just close off our practice here, a quick little power blast with a couple of deep breaths in your child's pose, so your heart rate might be pretty fast Right now so slow it down with your breath with each exhalation just allow yourself to go a little bit deeper with calming awareness, letting your body and your brain know that it's.

Okay, to relax. Now you did a great job, pushing your body working to your full potential, no matter where you got to today. Remember it's, exactly where you need to be it's. All part of the journey awesome slowly rolling up for three.

Two and one bring your knees together. Just take a big reach, big stretch with both arms up to the sky, exhale, bring your hands over to your heart and bow down to your heart, and thank yourself for your beautiful practice.

Thank you guys so much for joining me for this quick power blast. I hope you enjoyed it and i cannot wait to see you again. [ Music, ], namaste, [, Music ] do [ Music ]. You