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Welcome to your upper body tone and sculpt workout today is going to be a super, quick and effective workout that strengthens and tones your entire upper body, using only your own body, weight and determination.

So if you're ready to feel the burn and see incredible results, grab your mat and let's begin [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], the only one [, Music, ], alright friends, let's begin Today's, seated on your mat, with your knees together, taking a deep breath in reaching both arms up to the sky, give yourself a stretch.

Exhale come on down with your hands to the floor and then bring your weight over into all fours position. From here shoulders, above your wrists, we're, going to now bring your knees together and lift your feet off the ground.

Coming into a knee plank position, we're gonna begin with a tricep pushup sets you gonna bring yourself down and then press yourself right up and again bring it down and up for two now you want to make sure that the elbows Are pointing to the back of the mat? Your arms are right next to the side of your body, so we're, not working the pecs or working the triceps.

Keep going bring it down press your way up and bring it down push your way up, keep going bring it up nice. You got a few more just breathe through it last one awesome slowly sit back to your heels and then spring forward into a plank position.

Hold it here, pull the navel into the spine, now bring yourself down in a chaturanga, but just hover the body straight position. Your elbows are aligned with your shoulders, along with your upper back, keep holding press yourself right back into plank position.

Keep holding breathe don't, give up hold a navel into the spine, so engaging the core firing up those shoulders. Those arms! Well done. You guys drop down to your knees and let's, do another set of our push-ups, bring it down press it up for one bring it down and two still working the triceps.

If you're feeling extra strong today, you're, more than welcome to stay in a full plank position and giving me full tricep, push-ups, otherwise stay on your knees, get low press it up. You got this, keep pushing bring it up.

Now, tuck, your toes under extend into plank position lower down to the chaturanga hover hold hold don't, give up just hover your body, and you're almost done release the toes lift up into your upward facing dog stretch.

It out extend those arms bend your knees and sit back into Child's Pose awesome, you guys. Alright, let's just come over to the center of your mat. Wherever you are come into a seated position. Extend your arms out to the side drop the shoulders down, bring your arms together, open to the side, then up to the sky, to the side, keep going forward side up side.

Your elbows are straight. Your arms are strong side forward side up to the side. Lots of power when you open up those arms to the side and open, lift inside front and up and front keep your body engaged.

Your back is engaged. Your arms are strong. This seems like a simple exercise, but trust me and a little bit you're gonna really feel the burn here and open up and side hold it there breathe and then bring your arms forward, bend your elbows squeeze and then the lift forward.

Squeeze reach forward squeeze reach for it, so bend those elbows and squeeze both of your shoulder, blades together and then reach squeeze and reach slightly lean, your body forward. So you're, creating a nice beautiful angle with the upper body squeeze and reach bend.

Those elbows bring yourself back up now, just point: the palms down and up down and up down and up working from the rotator cuffs toning, your shoulders, creating beautiful definitions in your upper body down up down and up so make sure that the height of the elbows Does not change simply point the palms down and up down up down up down you're almost there last three two one awesome: bring your elbows together, open together, open together, open still keeping that height of the elbows, just close the arms and open Breathe through it, you're gonna start to now feel that little bit of a burn hab through the shoulders through the arms really focus on your breath and don't, give up don't drop.

Those arms just got a few more minutes to go, and I promise you it'll, be worth it. Bring it together, open together, open, keep going now. Last one you're gonna end with your elbows up to the side and just pump it up two three, four: five: six, seven, eight nine ten keep going don't, stop just little tiny pulses with those elbows keeping those shoulders Away from the ears draw those shoulder blades together, just pump those arms up and down little tiny movements.

Eventually, if you're looking for more resistance, you can grab a light weight in both hands, but for now just hold it. There bring your elbows together now so same thing, but now keep them together and pump it up.

Two: three: four: five: six: seven, eight nine ten keep going don't drop those elbows below that center line; just keep lifting little tiny lifts good job. You guys you're. Almost there, don't forget about your core, keep everything strong, just pump, it Pump It last three: two one extend your arms out to the side.

You got this drop the shoulders away from the ears and let's Circle; the arms forward, baby circles, one two: three: four: five: six, seven, eight, nine ten, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four three two one keep going, keep circling.

We're doing 40 here. Just keep those shoulders dropped away from the ears elongate the neck last one and then reverse it back two: three: four: five: six: seven, eight, nine ten one, two, three, four: five, six, seven, eight, nine! Twenty keep going just draw those little circles with your fingers and your arms keep those arms out to the side.

We're, almost done don't drop those arms. You guys open up the palms now and simply pump and squeeze the shoulders back. Two three or your arms are still in that same angle. Out to the side do not let them drop.

We threw it close your eyes if you need to just pump it back back back, you've got it awesome, not turn the palms downward and all we're gonna do is just hold. This is your last exercise in this position: breathe through it big breaths, don't.

Let those arms drop last few seconds hold it hold it hold it and release awesome drop those arms down shake out your arms. Well done you guys! One last exercise here bring yourself over to your mat ground.

The feet, bring the arms behind your back and lift up into a bridge position, squeeze the gluts and then from here. Simply we're gonna, do a tricep dip and bring it up. Bend the elbows and lift for two Bend and three try to keep your hips as high as you can, or you can even lift your toes and the front portions of your feet off the mat, keeping your weight on your heels, dip it low and up working.

Those triceps - I know your arms are probably cooking at this point. Just stay with me. This is our very last exercise. Last few push and push and push you're almost done two and one and lift up squeeze your glutes drop.

Your head back. Just hold and stretch it out lift into that bridge position: lift that heart up to the sky, take a deep breath in [, Music, ] and exhale slowly from here and drop yourself down onto your mat.

Well done you guys let's. Do a quick little stretch before we finish shake out your arms for a job today go ahead and just take one arm across the body hold it in your other elbow, pull it across. You're feeling that nice stretch through the tricep shoulders pointed towards the screen.

Awesome just take a deep breath in exhale good work stretch it out just switch to the other side. So same thing, just the other arm reaches across the body. You're, holding it in that elbow crease as you breathe deeply with each exhalation.

You pull it a little closer towards your body, beautiful work, alright, let's, release the arms and take a big exhale. Thank you guys so much for joining me today for upper-body workout. I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you again bye for now.

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