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Chest is the most eye-catching feature of an aesthetic physique. The chest muscle has a particular function, bringing your arm across in front of your body. The muscle fibers are like lines across the chest.

Your job, when you're training chest, is to shorten then lengthen those lines. Chest fibers go from your shoulder to the middle of your rib cage. Add resistance to this movement and you're going to build your chest.

Add different angles to the movement and you'll, create a full 3d rounded chest here's, a chest workout that will do just that, combining pressing movements both flat and on the incline plus flys and dips, to really stretch out the Fibers and a superset to bring your workout to an intense finish.

We're, starting with a press flat bench barbell press grip, the bar just wider than your shoulders, shoulder blades together on the bench elbows out. As you go down stretching then shortening the pec fibers across your chest now change the angle moving to an incline bench.

Putting extra effort on the fibers in the upper chest for a full 3d look again stretch then shorten the muscle at the bottom pause and really feel that stretch at the top bring the dumbbells together and squeeze keeping the muscle in tension in the shortened position.

Now a stretching movement cable flies seated for this one, so you can focus right in on the middle part of your chest. Weight not too heavy. The cable keeps constant tension across the whole movement.

Lock your arms with a slight bend in the elbow moving. Only at the shoulder joint chest up shoulder blades back feel the chest muscle contract as you bring the handles in front of you squeeze keep control on the way back as your arms go out to your sides stretch now, a bodyweight exercise, dips.

lean forward to put The effort on your chest as you go down as you get to the bottom, you'll, feel an amazing stretch on those pec fibers working them from a different angle after the flies come up with control.

Finally, finishing off with the super set. 2 exercises to exhaust the muscle at the end of your workout. First, it's; a fly movement this time on the incline to work that upper chest again: arms locked moving only at the shoulder joint deep stretch at the bottom push up from the pec muscle, bring the weights together, hold and squeeze keeping that intensity.

Go straight into a push-up, an old-school exercise to work the whole pec muscle. This is a super set so short, rest period before you hit the flies again then straight into push-ups. On the last set, go completely to failure, feel the blood pumping through the muscle really hurt those pec fibers, so they & # 39.

Ll grow back stronger, so that's. Your perfect chest workout to help you build bigger, pecs, fit media's. Expert trainers have developed a complete, aesthetic chest ebook with a 12-week plan for you to follow and build your chest.

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