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If you & # 39, ve been doing the same workout over and over, you probably found you're no longer growing. This video will show you five great gym hacks to boost your gains, but it's, not about changing the exercises.

Instead, these hacks work within the sets by shocking the muscle taking you further than you've, been before creating more reps, reaching failure, more often more muscle, damage and more growth for each hack.

We'll. Take you, through an actual set in real time, to show you exactly how it works so ready here's, a regular barbell bench press up and down at the same speed, eight to ten reps and that's. It right, but did you know your muscles - can handle more weight on the way down than on the way up more growth in the lowering part of the exercise, this hack uses a spotter when you hit failure, he's.

Gon na help you up then count you down for 10., so normal set 8 to 10 reps coming up to failure up you go and slowly down, counting he's, not helping you on the way down that's. All you only on the way up and again count it out, so your hack has added two more reps to your set and those are the reps that count when it comes to muscle growth ready for another.

Okay, this hack is called rest pause again. Your usual set here would probably be 10 to 12 reps. Hitting failure at around 12 then rest, but by using rest pause within a set. You get more reps so again, usual set on leg extensions going for 10 to 12.

, just about to hit failure. Rest pause. 10 seconds, six more reps take another rest for 10. and go again slowly down there's, more gains there. So now, instead of your usual 10 to 12 reps, your hack has delivered 20 with the same weight.

If you're, doing four sets use rest pause on every set, increasing intensity, greater effort, more gains now another hack to squeeze out extra reps within your set normally fit. Media channel, recommends good form and controlled movements.

So, on a barbell curl, you'll, keep your elbows tucked in by your sides. A normal set would be 10 reps and you're done. The reason you can't go. Any further is because you can't raise the weight anymore, but there's, a hack for that complete your usual reps.

Until you hit failure, now forget good form for a second swing, just do whatever it takes to get the bar up for another couple of reps, but then use control on the way down. Take a 10 count. Remember more gains on the lowering part of the movement swinging up again and control.

As you go down nice and slow, you've hacked extra reps, you wouldn't normally get, and that's where the gains come now. Another hack for extra reps on these lateral raises you'd, normally hit 10 to 12.

Reps, then rest full range of movement on every rep until you hit failure. But today we're. Breaking the rules shocking, the muscle into growth hitting failure about now. Your hack is to switch to half reps, pushing out another 10 to 12 half wraps.

They're, not full range of motion, but these are extra reps. You wouldn't. Normally have in the set again more reps, more effort, more growth. Next, we've. All heard of supersets two sets together usually for opposing muscle groups, but today you're.

Doing two exercises together for the same muscle. First, a compound exercise followed by isolation and we're going for back this cable pull down, hits your lats for a wide back. It's. A compound exercise.

You're using a range of other muscles to help you with the movement, but now comes the hack when you & # 39. Ve done your compound movement, go straight on to isolation. In this case, a pullover lighter weight, but the muscle is already fatigued from the first exercise, another great hack for putting extra effort right in on the muscle you're working for a full explainer on the difference between compound and isolation exercises hit the Link use all these hacks for different body parts and keep shocking your muscles by dropping them into your workout every couple of weeks.

Let us know in the comments how you get on thanks for watching