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He's. The world's, top competitive fitness model Williams, Faladay's. Perfect physique has made him a three-time world champion. His training is intense, unconventional, always pushing himself to the limits.

, but he also uses a specific set of tips and techniques to intensify his workouts for maximum muscle gains, and now he's ready to share them with you & # 39. It's, not necessarily about heavy lifting.

My life is about fitness and just training. Smart & # 39, so here are ten great workout tips to help you build muscle from the world's. Top fitness model Williams muscle growth - is all about time under tension inch by inch, something special that me and my team like to do, which we call inch pull-ups every time he lifts up my body.

I have to hold it there for three seconds before he lifts it up again and that's, just literally keeping the tension or the muscle for three seconds. That time was gradually going up and going down next controlled resistance, and you're going to need some help on this one.

My partner was keeping the tension on the machine. While I was trying to keep my legs in tension, definitely as the adrenaline just being excited that they couldn't push my legs down, so we've done that for 10 reps and then once he moved away.

I then carried on for another 10 reps, just to finish off the burn. Now the ultimate drop set going through every weight on the stack. We done a dropset on the cable machine and we start literally from the bottom of the cable machine so from the heaviest weight, and we literally went up every single weight during eight works until we got to the top there's, no fear it's, just get done.

I don't think about the pain. Until afterwards, I'm. Not gonna get the pain regardless, so just go just go through. It use precision to target tension in the muscle, fingertip control. So my partner is just touching the outside of my legs, just to make sure that my legs are tensed, as they physically can as soon as he feels the point where they are really tensed.

Only then does he tell me to hold it and then control it back on. It was all about the tension exhaust the muscle. This is about the burn, basically just rep out. Another heavy stack really tried to go for the burn, and this one.

So I gave you my all just repped out focusing on the squeeze at the end to feel that and to feel that you're, actually working really really hard use. Half reps half reps can hurt more than full reps.

We do half reps so from the middle of the chest, all the way to the top and we start from seven and then we do from the middle of the chest down to the bottom of the chest. We do seven reps and then a full seven reps and then take it out to six five four, three, two one.

Soon as you get to one bang out 10 to 20 reps, whatever you have left, you definitely feel you know. You came for a workout once you completed that use machines for isolation with plenty of weight. I was going for these bad boys, the lateral delts on the machine just to get as much weight as possible onto that specific area.

It was the machine just so i can keep it isolated and really go for some strength. Moves that was heavy change around your time under tension, slow, reps and fast reps. So time under tension is keeping the muscle under tension for a period of time really focusing on the squeeze.

So I did three sets: where's concentrated then free power, reps, then three concentrated and three power-reps again hold on one side. While you're working, the other tension again, okay, so with leg raises, I keep one leg up really high, so set up.

My ABS on this side are still under tension, while the other leg does the repetitions I'll. Do 10 reps each leg while holding the opposite leg in tension, and then I do 10 reps with both legs together.

Finally, the ultimate secret weapon, your trusted training partner. I have a crazy, crazy training partner. He is my motivator. He's, not my training partner. He's, my motivator. He is very important.

There are times when I you know just want to just forget by that last rep not win glen's. There Glen. I need his mind. He's, pushes me to that next level, and he keeps on top of my game, always need a guy like that.

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